Your Appointment

As in all medical treatments, correct diagnosis is the prerequisite of successful treatment so during the initial consultation we will take a detailed case history where we fill find out about the start of your complaint and what kind of things effect it as well as general health and medical history.

During the examination you may be required to remove some of your outer clothing so we suggest that you wear something comfortable or bring some short and a vest. We will take you through some simple movements and tests to help locate the problem. 

Treatment will involve soft tissue massage, stretching and if necessary a joint adjustment that can produce the ‘click’ that you may have heard about.

Our aim is to make you feel at ease and tell you what is happening throughout the consultation. If further medical treatments/investigations are needed we may contact your doctor, with your permission.

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1 Maynard Road, Hertfordshire,
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Telephone: 01442 236939


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